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PCB Inspection Services Ltd will endeavour to ensure all customers receive flawless support with all quality expectations achieved if not exceeded. Care and attention will be guaranteed to ensure all Specifications, Standards and customer requirements are adhered to.


Related areas of experience and expertise;
  • Umbilicals (Steel Tube & Theromoplastic), Risers, Flowlines


  • Jumpers, Gas Lift Jumpers, Flying Leads,


  • Manifolds, SUTA's, PIHO, DBSC's, SITA's


  • Cobra Heads, Xmas Trees, Bend Restrictor's.


  • Topside Fabrications, Coatings and Insulation


Client Inspection and Representation at all levels of Project from;


  • Purchasing,

  • Design and Qualification

  • Welding Qualification

  • Manufacture

  • Termination / Jointing

  • FAT

  • Load Out

  • MRB Review and Sign Off